Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tracy and Jose in town...

Tracy and Jose came into town to finalize their reservations with TLC invitations...they came out absolutely fabulous! Desiree the design artist is sooo creative and always has great ideas. We talked about party favors, guest book table, and hair and make-up trials. I'm so excited to see what style she chooses for her big day. Then, we were off to Got it Covered linens to make color decisions on the linens. Her colors are deep blue and fushia pink. Very classy and fun! They are so fun to be with and I can't wait to share their special day together.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rich and Angie

So I finally got to spend some time with Angela Pena and Richard Stella, one of my long standing favs! Angela lives in Texas, but not SA, and Rich lives in DC, so we never get to see each other. Their wedding is coming up in May at The St. Anthony. We were able to get a ton accomplished-invitations, engagement photos, menu/tasting, linens/decor, favors, wedding party gifts, and so much more. They met with the priest at St. Mary's , who they caught climbing through the back window, he had locked himself out, too funny! They are finishing off the weekend with their Pre Cana!..kinda.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The McNay

this is Donna, a beautiful bride to be we met at The McNay along with her sisters. Donna is planning a fall wedding.

On the left what a grand statement this makes for a table setting.

A few pics from Tuesday night at the McNay...this is Melanie and me with Steve Riebel of CHIC ACCENTS. Had a great time meeting with Brides, and other vendors.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Fun!

What a great weekend!
Kicked it off with Freddy and Jocelyn (read more about it in Val's blog!). Great time at the Spurs with them!
Saturday morning it was sup to Celebrations with Roque and her mother Francine, to try on dresses. Roque looked picture perfect in all them, and I think she may have found a winner.
I got to see Erica and Isaac, and I forgot to bring my camera!!:( Boo.... We actually had a floral appointment with Seeds of Love, where they selected their wedding flowers. I am so excited about the designs Erica chose. Then it was off to Elms Bake Shopp where they picked out there cakes! Erica ended her long day picking up her wedding gown from the salon. So much fun!
Sunday, Val and I headed up to Pipe Creek to check out a location for one of our newest b rides, Gretchen. (See the pics below in Val's blog.)
Welcome to the SAWEC family of brides, GRETCHEN, JESSICA, KARLA, and CHRISTINE!!! We look forward to working with you!!!
Tonight it's back up to the office to contract with Karla, which I am so happy about.
I am looking forward to seeing Audrie and Troy tomorrow, at Statue of Design, to finish up her floral order, and show her the linens we had shipped in for her to view. Love flowers and decor!!

Gretchen & Mitch

Teresa and I met with Gretchen and Mitch Sunday at her parents home and then at Mitch's ranch.
We met Sunday to scout out and nail down the ceremony location. There were so many beautiful areas. At her parents home and the ranch. Gretchen wants nature to be her back drop for her ceremony and the beautiful Texas sky to be her canopy.
It doesn't get much better than that. It was a perfect day for a Sunday drive. This picture of them was taken where they would love to say their vows. It was a little difficult to get to, but what a breathtaking view once we arrived.

A night on the town with Josilyn & Freddy

Teresa and I were treated to a night on the town with Freddy & Josilyn of "Seeds of Love"

Our night started out by being picked up in a limo and our hosts had already stocked it with our favorite cocktail. From there we headed down to the AT&T Center to see our San Antonio Spurs play the Rockets.
The ride down there seemed to go too quickly. Our host Freddy was very liberal with the cocktails. These 2 are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met and I really enjoyed getting to know them. We arrived at the game and we were escorted up to our suite. We did so much talking I am not even sure I saw a whole 5 minutes of the game. They were such a delight to be out with. We talked a lot of business, which I enjoy because you can always learn more. I love to see how other people in the industry view their role in a wedding. I can not wait to take my new brides to Seeds of Love, because just like their website says.....they are setting the new standard for customer service.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taylor's honorary Bridesmaid...

You guessed it...ME!!!

We had so much fun at Bella Bridesmaid trying on dresses. None of Taylor's bridesmaids were able to make it and I took one for the team! It wasn't too shopping. I think we even found a winner. The purple dress in a deep blue will definitely be in the running.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Can I just say that I love Michelle of McGreevy Squier Photography. She has been taking photos of our brides for a while now, FANTASTIC photos. Today she turned the camera on SAWEC. She truly has the ability to get your good side, as Rachel (of Rachel and Easton) would say. We had so much fun with her! After the photo shoot, we had a great time at lunch with her at an undisclosed location. Undisclosed, because it was the pits, despite the great architecture in the restaurant. Aside from being an amazing photographer, Michelle is an amazing person. So totally in control, so put together, and so cool. I loved talking with her over lunch. Michelle, you ROCK!

Check Michelle out for yourself

Monday, January 18, 2010

A bunch of things....

Man we have been BUSY!
Friday we visited Veronyka's salon to check them out. Anthony did my highlights, then gave me a complimentary airbrush session, and Melanie got a complimentary hair cut, wax, and airbrush! And to think, she had just stopped by to pick up her pay check from me. They do fantastic work, and we are looking forward to bringing brides to their new salon opening up on Bulverde Road at The Mansions at TPC. We will post more info on them in the future!
Had such a great time this weekend with Rachel and Easton ,visiting Lost Mission. I love them! They had us to their home for breakfast and made us lox and bagels. YUMMMYYYYYY! One of my all time favs! Lost Mission is going to be amazing!
Nicole and David's wedding is around the corner, and Valerie and I are very excited about all their details starting to fall into place. We are looking forward to meeting with them, this week, at The St. Anthony to finalize details.
I am SO excited to be taking Roque, one of our newer brides to Celebrations Bridal on Saturday. Roque is just adorable. (My mom said I use adorable too much in my blog, but I cant help it!) She is. Her personality reminds me of one of my best friends, Krista, and actually looks just like Krista did when she was her age.
This coming weekend, Erica and Issac are coming to town and I cant wait to see them. It seems like it has been forever. We are doing floral and cakes. FUN! Erica is using an overall lace theme,and I am excited to review linens and decor with her.
Speaking of haven't seen forever, Angie and Rich are finally coming back to town, as well! In a week and a half! Rich and Angie are great together, and they also never get to see each other! She lives in Colin and he lives in DC. So I always get to see them SOOOOO happy, just because they are together:)
Tomorrow is going to be FUN, FUN, FUN! Before two new bridal consultations, we have head shots with our girl, Michelle of McGreey Squier. Cant wait to get some good photos to put on the website!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Invites and Bridemaids Dresses

Then, I headed to TLC invitations to meet Roque and Francine to get started on the invitations. Mari is very helpful and loves to show the brides the endless options for their custom invitations. Brides can get anything there heart desires. They did find some really cute fiesta invites for the engagement party. There's nothing like a good old-fashioned fiesta.

After that, I was of to Bella Bridesmaid for the Jenny Yoo trunk show. Thanks Kim for staying late and being such a great hostess! Theresa was eager to see what options her girls had. They feel head over heads for a strapless dress. Funny story...I asked Theresa to make sure the girls brought their strapless bras to try on with dresses. The girls made their way to the dressing rooms and looking at me with curiousness and asked, "what are the sports bras for?" I was confused...asked her and she said you told me to make sure they had a sports bra. TOO FUNNY! We all died laughing and cracked jokes.

A very productive day if you ask me.
Check out the pictures...

Gotta have your SPORTS BRA!

Lost Mission with Rachel and Easton

Today, was pretty busy. Started the morning off with breakfast with Rachel and Easton. Thank you guys for convincing me to try something new! It was deliciouso, and I don't say that for everything.

Here are some pictures of Lost Mission.

Tracy and Jose

I want to start off by thanking Tracy and Jose for driving two hours in the POURING rain to San Antonio! They are such good sports and I love helping them. Tracy and Jose drove into town to meet with a florist and try some cake! Yummy!

They met with Eloise from Seeds of Love (Florist and specialty gifts)... One of San Antonio's newest and upcoming talented florist shops. She is fabulous...tons of ideas for options for their ceremony and reception which is going to be held at the timeless St.Anthony.

Then, it was off to taste some cake. If you want the best cinnamon rolls in town stop by the Elms Bake Shoppe... They gave them a nice spread of the different fillings and white cake vs chocolate.

We ended the night with a wonderful dinner at La Marginal (Puerto Rican Restaurant).

Friday, January 15, 2010

A day in Three Rivers...

Yesterday, Teresa and I drove to Three Rivers/George West to check out the venue for Taylor and Cameron's summer wedding! It is absolutely gorgeous. When you turn the road you are greeted by about 60 beautiful oak trees perfectly lined up. They lead you to the Majestic Oaks property...check out their facebook page-

Margaret the owner is SUPER sweet and definitely has a great talent for decor! The house is fully furnished and has a welcoming personality. Speaking of welcoming and hospitality, the locals in Georgewest and Three Rivers really know how to make people feel at home. Teresa and myself were ready to pack up and move in. Everyone knows each other and be friends new comers with open arms.

We were able to start putting together ideas for decor and design.
Here are some pictures of our trip...can't wait to see how it comes together.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Granberry Open House

Tonight, Granberry Hills...( hosted an open house for the brides they met at the Extravanganza. The girls over there did a great job! They organized some of San Antonio and surrounding areas vendors come and mingle with brides. It was great to see some familiar faces of the brides that were at the show.

Two of our favorite DJ's...DJ Music Flo (San Antonio's Best DJ) and DJ Platinum were there! Please check out their websites for details... or

Here are some pics from tonight.

Dress Shopping with Taylor

Yesterday, I got the chance to spend the day with one of our newest brides...Taylor Royal. Her mother Jamye, maid of honor Jessie and soon to be mother in law Shelly were there for support and feedback. It was so nice to get to know them better. They were tons of fun and great sports. I took them all over SA and even New Braunfels to our favorite dress shop! Thank you to Amanda who came in just for us!

Taylor is a gorgeous girl, and was absolutely breath-taking. Teresa and I will be driving out to George West to visit the venue...we are very excited!
Check out some of the pics from our day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Fair

Yesterday we had a fantastic time at The Wedding Fair! Crazy busy day, however, we talked to some fantastic new clients, and were able to spend the day with all our wedding friends.
I fell in love yesterday. Yes, I am already married to my amazing husband, this is kind of a different kind of love. You know when you just click with someone and you know it's right? That's how I feel about Steven Pizzini of Pizzini designs. I just LOVE him, I do.
I also ran into to some old contacts of mine from years ago. Mario and Sandra Garza of Touch of Elegance. I am looking forward to working with them with some of our brides.
I had fun talking to personal friends of mine, Freddie and Joceyln Boberg, who had just opened up Seeds Of Love next to Party City on Bitters and 281. . Very excited to work with them! Probably the sweetest people you will ever meet! Their wholesale director, Charles, and their designer, Eloise were at the Wedding Fair yesterday, and it was great to meet them.
Pictures from our booth to come...
Oh and I just HAVE to add this. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLLLLLY love Rachel and Easton, some of our clients, that are getting married in July. I just like them. They are getting married at Lost Mission, and you can follow the progress of the construction of Lost Mission with San Antonio Weddings magazine at .


Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 San Antonio Bridal Extravaganza!

Photos are courtsey of Michelle from McGreevy-Squire...check out her website for more of her fabulous work.

This weekend was AMAZING!!! We got to meet some of San Antonio and surrounding towns newest brides. Love is definitely in the air...

This show we decided to go with a fairy-tale fantasy wedding theme. Kate "Moss" finally found her froggy prince in the forest. We love to showcase our talents and let the brides see our creative side. Here are some of the photos of our booth.

We received an award for the one of the Best Booths at the show!

Please come visit us at the Bridal Fair this Sunday! We are going to have a surprise have to come to find out.

Anna and Sal's Photo's

In December Doctor Anna Gonzalez married Salvador Stein. They had the most AMAZING photographer. Anahi Navarro of Anahi Phot Art . Here is a link to her photos. . Anahi will be at the Wedding Fair this weekend, you should stop by her booth and see her work for yourself.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I am so excited about the upcoming year, and all our beautiful brides that we will be seeing tie the knot in 2010 and 2011!
Welcome to the SAWEC family of brides, Roque McCrae, Tracy Tawiah, and Taylor Royal! We are so excited that we are going to be helping you plan your weddings. Thank you for choosing us to be your consultants.
SAWEC kicked the year off with The Bridal Extravaganza this Sunday! So much fun, meeting potential new brides, and hanging out with some of our FAVORITE wedding friends! Who are our favorite wedding friends? Of course, Lindsay and Calli of San Antonio Wedding Guide, who we just luvvvvvv. Michell of McGreevy Squier Photography (, Kristen of URTH Studio Photography ( , Tammy owner of TLC Invitations (, Melissa from Botanika (, and DJ Ray od Music Flo inc ( We LOVE you guys!! Really, XOXOXOXO!!! Oh, and our booth won a best booth award!!!
We also had the chance to see some of our favorite brides and their fiances, who came to the show! Audrie and Troy who are now practically celebrities, and Rachel and Easton who are about to also become one of our favorite wedding vendor friends, when Rachel launches her new company Candy Couture this spring!
Our first wedding of 2010 is Nicole Gosselink and Dr. David Kaiser who will be the first of three weddings we have booked at The Saint Anthony Hotel. (All within the next three months). After Nicole and David we have Angela Padilla's at the brand new JW Marriott hill Country Spa and Resort. Angela's will be the first of four weddings we have booked at the JW so far this year. Look for Angela's wedding to be featured in the San Antonio Weddings magazine this June! We are looking forward to our first wedding at Lost Mission this July, and the other fantastic wedding venues we have booked this year, such as The Vinyards, The Westin Center, and more!
Thank you so much to all our friends, vendors and lovely brides that made last year so amazing and that promise to make this year even more so.
We will be at the Wedding Fair this weekend, so stop by our booth to say hello!